Friday, July 24, 2009

Free Time

I had completely forgotten about this. I'll do something with it soon.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Down there in the dark i could see the real truth about me

The Mountain Goats is actually John Darnielle. Another soulful guitar strumming hipster, except this one has a past to back up his words. The Sunset Tree is an entire album about his abusive stepfather and the family life that he dealt with growing up. We Shall all be Healed is about his teenage years hanging out with meth addicts. This man has been listed in more "best songwriter" lists than i can remember. The Sunset Tree is more easily likable and is probably your best bet to get into the music. After several listens and comparisons you should find yourself liking We Shall all be Healed more.

The Mountain Goats - The Sunset Tree

The Mountain Goats

Clamour for Glamour!

What was started by the scissor sisters and continued by the darkness has been mastered by The Ark. Upbeat infectious hooks and charismatic overindulgence. This reminds me of the best parts of Queen, Elton John and to a lesser extent Bowie. For such a glitzy over-the-top affair it's a surprisngly sincere and solid piece of work.

The Ark - State of the Ark

Did they make prog rock accessible? or pop worth listening too? who cares

The Alan Parson's group where a prog-pop band from around about the 80's. Their best album was Ammonia Avenue, and it's quite an album. Strong instrumentation, fair vocals, intriguing lyrics and studio polish mean that there are no weak tracks on this album.

The Alan Parsons Project - Ammonia Avenue

Lounge redux

Smoma are a trio of trumpet, keyboard and vocals. You already know what your getting yourself into with these.

Smoma - Casual Lounge

Smoma and Friends the Kancutband

I got the space voodoo blues....

After some dark and mysterious grooves from outerspace circa New Orleans? Papa Mali is what you need. Any album that has slide guitar, little moses and quadrological rocket stations all in one track, is one i can dig.

Pap Mali - Do Your Thing

Modern Melodies

My First Trumpet does not contain any trumpets. It does contain some very nicely understated melodies with interesting layers of sounds. Electronic and organic sounds mix nicely in this mature recording which, to my ears, has a distinct tinge of whimsy to it.

My First Trumpet - Frerk